Rebuilding vs Purchasing New LHD’s Riggs and UV’s.

When your LHD’s Riggs and UV’s need repairs, there are several options available to you. The traditional options include purchasing new equipment, repairing your current equipment in order to keep it working for longer, or you could buy used equipment that is younger than your current equipment.

However, there is another option available to you which is the rebuilding of your LHD’s Riggs and UV’s. The rebuilding of heavy equipment is a relatively new option but some companies like Khulasonke have been doing it for quite a while.

There are options such as rebuilding of certain components to rebuilding an entire LHD Riggs or UV. Rebuilding your LHD’s Riggs and UV’s presents you with many choices with regards to parts but we recommend that you use OEM parts.

Deciding between rebuilding, repairing or replacement equipment is not an easy decision as each one presents its own set of prices, possible problems and of course, lead time.

Replacing with New Equipment

Replacing the old LHD’s Riggs and UV’s with brand new ones is often the first thought for many owners. Below are some pros and cons of purchasing new equipment:

Benefits of purchasing new equipment

Most recent technology

Longest lifespan

Negatives of purchasing new equipment

Most expensive

New equipment will often have more modern technology and also lower maintenance bills. The updated hydraulics and also the interfaces can help you, complete jobs faster.

Buying new equipment is almost always more expensive than repairing or rebuilding older equipment. But, new equipment will last longer and you will experience lower maintenance costs. The decision you make to purchase new equipment or rebuild older equipment comes down to how much you are going to gain from each option.

Rebuilding Equipment

Rebuilding your LHD’s Riggs and UV’s can give you a nearly-new lifespan with a lower price. Here are some pros and cons of rebuilding machines:

Benefits of rebuilding equipment

The lifespan will be close or even the same as new equipment as the parts are all brand new.

It often costs much less to rebuild equipment than to purchase new equipment.

Negatives of rebuilding equipment

The lead time can be quite long

The older technology may not be able to be upgraded.

There are several different types of rebuilds available to you. You can only replace the old or damaged parts if you want or you can replace all of them. The first parts to suffer from wear and tear are usually the hydraulics and the hoses.

Khulasonke will completely rebuild all your LHD’s Riggs and UV’s and leave them brand new again which will save you a pretty penny. This includes hoses, hydraulics, rewiring, engines, rims and tyres, etc.


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