At Khulasonke Rebuild we work with the customer to do rebuild on underground machinery. According to OEM specifications and by identifying problem areas, we build safe and more productive machines.

  • All equipment are stripped down to the bare frame.
  • Inspections are done on all parts.
  • All hoses and adapters are new.
  • Complete rewire on all parts.
  • All Structural repairs done, no shortcuts.
  • Drive trains done by specialists in this field.
  • New pins, brush and thrust washers.
  • Boom total refurbished.
  • New rims and tyres.
  • New engine.
  • 90% of hydraulic valve’s are new.
  • All pumps are new.

Chassis and Structures
We do a full strip down on all machines.
All chassis components are sandblasted and inspected for cracks.
Assessment is done to determine repair or replacement.
All holes will be repaired so that OEM parts can be fitted.

All bores are measured and if out of spec, brought back to standard.
All thrust on yokes and tenons repaired to standard sizes so that OEM parts (thrust, washers and pins) can be fitted.
Armature tube repaired.
Slides and guldes replaced where applicable.
All pins and brushes new.
Grease holes opened and grease nipples fitted.

All over center valves (lock valves) new.
All stroke and barrel sizes (lengths) checked to OEM standard.
New chrome rods and barrels replaced if out of spec.

Pumps and Valves
All pumps are new for exc on a SANDVIK drill rig, the main hydraulic pump will be an original A10V100 Rexroth pump, the tramming pump and original A4VG71 Rexroth and rotation pump a Parker.
All control valves are new (boom control, pilot percussion / rotation) feed flushing rapid movements.
All hydraulic valves rotation, steering, cable reel ect.

DC/AC Systems 
Batteries, lights, alternators, starters all new.
Harness made as per schematics.

Axle done at Kessler agents.
Wheel motors POCLIAN MS18 Recon by agents, engines fitted are new air colled KIRLOSKAR.
In aard LHD’s and Sandvik, they are performing very good.
Deutz Cat engines are also fitted specified by customer.
All drive lines are new.

Hydraulics and Hoses
We only use Fluiconnecto by Manuli hoses, adapters and fittings, 99% of adapters are new.

All electrical components and panels are new to OEM specification.
Electric motors are rebuild and supplied with a test certificate.
Wiring is done to OEM spec.

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